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Event date: 1 - 1 - 2005
Company: Funonovo UK

In 2009 Funonovo Company Management has decided to extent its activities by preparing its bid for the UK market. At the beginning of 2010 the company established a branch in the UK under the name Funonovo UK. In the meantime, we worked on testing needs and requirements of the local funeral sector. With great respect and referring to the British traditions we were a valuable help in consultations with Funeral Directors in the UK and FFMA, of which we are a member. On this occasion we would like to thank all those who supported us. Your knowledge and experience has brought our project to its current position.

———-Our offer is designed exclusively for the UK market and over time will be increased with new designs and product range. The only thing that remains unchanged is the high quality of our products, which in their unique way took our respondents. We wish you great satisfaction and look forward to doing business with you in the future.Funonovo UK is a part of Funonovo Ltd which specialises in funeral accessories and coffin production, which uses a new technology of press moulding, thus providing a multitude of possibilities.

In response to the large interest shown in Funonovo products throughout Europe we are now delighted to be able to offer them to the UK market. Our exciting range of caskets made using new, modern and ecologically sound technology will be available in 2011.

In the meantime we are able to offer a whole range of top quality funeral accessories produced by our manufacturing company in Europe. As a company we are dedicated to raising the standard of quality and service whilst offering very competitive prices to Independent Funeral Directors and Wholesalers alike.

We are a modern, perfectly well organised company, which follows the highest standards. Thus we can immediately answer all the needs of our trade partners. Thanks to that fact, our cooperation will be easy and smooth. We offer information, advice, and we are open to your suggestions and offers.

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Funeral Home Facing License Revocation
Funeral Home Facing License Revocation

PETERSBURG, W.Va - The West Virginia Board of Funeral Service Examiners held a hearing Wednesday in Charleston to determine if a Petersburg funeral home violated state code.
The complaint alleges that Basagic Funeral Home embalmed a body without permission in April.
An administrative law judge will now review the case that was outlined to the board during a disciplinary hearing in a Kanawha County Commission courtroom, and most likely make a ruling sometime in June, said Constance Sloan, the executive director of the state board.
The case started on March 31 when the Grant County Medical Examiner requested that the funeral home remove the body of Joey McDonald for $50, pursuant to state code, according to the complaint.

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