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The announcement of FUNEXPO 2008 in Lyon
The announcement of FUNEXPO 2008 in Lyon

Below we are presenting general information about next year funeral fairs in Lyon.

Please find enclosed other information.

Article 1 - Scope and field of application of the present general conditions: Any request for participation that the organiser accepts implies that the participant accepts without reserve
and provides full consent to: 1) the present general sales conditions that prevail over all other documents of the participant’s, and notably over all general purchasing conditions;
2) the applicable exhibition rules and prescriptions, notably as concerns health and safety, which will be pointed out to him by the organiser before or during the exhibition.
Article 2 - Exhibition organisation: The organiser determines the exhibition organisation procedures, notably the opening date and times, its duration, the place where it will be held, and the participation conditions.
Article 3 - Participation conditions:
3.1. Exhibitors admitted for participation in the exhibition are those whose products, services or activities contribute to the object of the exhibition. The organiser may refuse a
participation request from an exhibitor whose products or services do not match the exhibition objectives.
3.2. Any person wishing to participate in the exhibition sends his participation request to the organiser before the date of closure for registrations (the postal date having probative
force) using a form made available by the organiser. The participation request must be filled in and signed by a person qualified to commit the exhibitor’s responsibility, and must be
accompanied with a 50% down payment of the rental price, including tax, for the desired space. When a participation request is sent, it constitutes a firm and irrevocable commitment
on the exhibitor’s part to pay the full price of his participation in the exhibition.
3.3. The organiser decides on the participation requests, which he may refuse without having to give his reasons. If he refuses, he proceeds with the reimbursement of the sums
paid, less the processing costs, which he keeps. Acceptance of participation may consist of an invoice sent to the exhibitor.
Article 4 - Allocation of stands:
4.1. The organiser draws up the exhibition plan and distributes the spaces freely, taking into consideration the participants’ desires insofar as possible. The organiser can modify
the area and arrangement of the spaces requested, without this modification being a reason for the participant to cancel his participation commitment.
4.2. The organiser informs the participant of the stand location with a drawing including the dimensions of the allocated stand as precisely as possible. This information is provided
for reference and can be modified, and/or include differences with respect to the real size of the spaces, without the possibility of making a claim against the organiser for this. The
participant has seven days to make any claims about the allocated space. Once this time is passed, it is considered that the participant has accepted the proposed space.
Article 5 - Stand installation and decoration: The participant is committed to comply with the organiser’s technical specifications, which include conditions concerning stand design,
fluid connections, display arrangements, and the use of audiovisual and sound processes. Any installation that is not in conformity or is likely to create a disturbance for neighbouring
exhibitors or safety, public circulation or comfort, must be disassembled or modified by the participant at the organiser’s first request.
Article 6 - Assembly/disassembly, reconditioning:
6.1. The stands are to be assembled and disassembled, and the spaces reconditioned, according to the calendar set by the organiser. Any delay lays the participant open to penalties
and damages in favour of the organiser, who further reserves the right to proceed with disassembly and reconditioning of the spaces at the cost and risk of the exhibitor.
6.2. Any degradation caused by a participant or his installations is the responsibility of the participant.
6.3. In the case that the exhibition duration is extended, the participants may be authorised to close their stands at the original date of closure without removing the products exhibited or modifying the appearance of the stand as it was before the date decided by the exhibition organiser.
Article 7 - Routing of products: The exhibited products are routed to the stands by the participants, at their cost and risk, in accordance with the entry and exit conditions set by par the organiser.
Article 8 - Products and services:
8.1. The exhibited products and services must conform with the exhibition nomenclature.
8.2. Participants agree to comply with French regulations in force. If the exhibition is held in a foreign country, the participants agree to comply with the Iocal regulations in force.
8.3. On-site sales with immediate delivery to the buyer are prohibited.
8.4. Any customs formalities concerning the exhibited products are the participant’s responsibility.
Article 9 - Cleaning the stands: Stands are to be cleaned according to conditions set by the organiser.
Article 10 - Insurance:
10.1. It is obligatory that participants be insured through the organiser against the financial consequences of their civil liability as exhibitor, and the damages they undergo. The organiser remits a copy of the policy to the participant. Only this policy has probative force of the risks covered and of the insurance terms. The premium the participants owe for this insurance is specified in the registration dossier. The participants can ask the organiser to send them an insurance certificate stating the risks covered, the coverage limits, and the period of coverage. The participants may subscribe any additional insurance, under reserve of waiving recourse against the organiser and/or his insurance company.
10.2. Any claims must be declared in writing to the organiser and to the insurance company within twenty-four hours, in the case of theft, or within five days for other cases, indicating the circumstances of the incident and the approximate amount of the damages. In cases of theft, the participant must file a complaint with the police authorities that have jurisdiction on the exhibition premises. The original of the complaint file is to be appended to the claim declaration.
Article 11 - Assignment, sub-rental: Without prior authorisation from the organiser, it is prohibited for the participant to transfer or sub-rent his space or to exhibit services or products belonging to any firm that is not an exhibitor.
Article 12 - Prices: The organiser sets the rental price of the stands. The organiser may alter the prices, notably in case of rate increases by his service organisations and suppliers, or subject to changes in tax or social conditions.
Article 13 - Payment conditions:
13.1. The participant pays the stand rental price and accessory costs according to the procedures set by the organiser in the exhibition participation request.
13.2. Any tardy participation request gives rise to the payment of all the sums already payable at the date of the request.
Article 14 - Payment delay and default:
14.1. Any delay in payment at the due dates set by the organiser leads to the application of delay interests and one and a half times the legal interest rate, after formal notice that has remained without effect. Any collection costs entailed are at the debtor’s expense.
14.2. Non compliance with the payment dates leads to cancellation of the participant’s right to use the allocated space.
Article 15 - Abandonment: The stand rental price and accessory costs are fully due in case of abandonment by the participant, or if the stand is unoccupied for any reason whatsoever. Any stand not occupied by a participant 24 hours before the beginning of an exhibition can be freely allocated to another exhibitor by the organiser, and the participant cannot claim any reimbursement for this.
Article 16 - Exhibition cancellation: If the exhibition is cancelled by force majeure or for unforeseeable economic reasons, the organiser returns the amount received to the participants pro rata their payments, after deduction of the costs actually incurred.
Article 17 - Organiser’s civil liability insurance: The organiser is insured for the financial consequences of his civil liability as organiser.
Article 18 - Intellectual property:
18.1. The participant formally affirms to the organiser that he holds the intellectual property rights enabling him to represent the products or services exhibited in the exhibition, and expressly authorises the organiser to reproduce and represent the products and services he exhibits free of charge, on any media whatsoever, to promote the exhibition.
18.2. The organiser is the sole holder of the publication and sales rights for the exhibitor catalogue, as well as of the rights in reference to the advertising contained in the catalogue. The requisite content for creating the catalogue is supplied by exhibitors under their responsibility. The organiser may modify or not publish the contents forwarded by the exhibitors. The organiser cannot be held responsible for errors or omissions contained in the catalogue.
18.3. Exhibitors who use music on their stands are responsible for accomplishing the corresponding formalities and royalty payments to the applicable authors’ union, and the organiser declines all responsibility in this regard.
18.4. Image and sound coverage. The organiser determines the image and sound coverage conditions for the exhibition.
Article 19 - Safety: The organiser ensures exhibition safety. His safety decisions are applicable immediately and participants are expected to comply with them.
Article 20 - Utilities: Whenever feasible, the electricity, telephone, water or compressed air network connections are made at the participants’ request, at their expense in the allotted time slots, on special forms at their disposal.
Article 21 - Visitor access to the exhibition: In order to safeguard the final purpose of the exhibition, the organiser defines the visitor access conditions to the exhibition and, further to this end, reserves the right to refuse any admission.
Article 22 - Exhibition passes and entry tickets: The participants receive exhibitor passes and visitor invitations allowing access to the exhibition, under conditions set by the organiser. The passes, invitations and entry tickets delivered by the organiser are the only documents allowing access to the exhibition.
Article 23 - Violation of general conditions: Any violation of the present general conditions or of the internal rules laid down by the organiser may give rise to the immediate exclusion of the participant, without reducing the damages the organiser would rightfully be able to claim from the participant. The organiser has a possessory lien on the exhibited products as well as on the furniture and decorative objects belonging to the participant.
Article 24 - Disputes: Any claim or dispute concerning the exhibitor’s participation in the exhibition or made by the organiser and which cannot be settled amicably will be brought before the courts having jurisdiction over the organiser’s head office.
Article 25 - Modification of rules: The organiser reserves the right to decide on all cases not covered in the present rules, and to stipulate new terms whenever he deems it necessary.

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Funeral Home Facing License Revocation
Funeral Home Facing License Revocation

PETERSBURG, W.Va - The West Virginia Board of Funeral Service Examiners held a hearing Wednesday in Charleston to determine if a Petersburg funeral home violated state code.
The complaint alleges that Basagic Funeral Home embalmed a body without permission in April.
An administrative law judge will now review the case that was outlined to the board during a disciplinary hearing in a Kanawha County Commission courtroom, and most likely make a ruling sometime in June, said Constance Sloan, the executive director of the state board.
The case started on March 31 when the Grant County Medical Examiner requested that the funeral home remove the body of Joey McDonald for $50, pursuant to state code, according to the complaint.

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Below we are presenting general information about next year funeral fairs in Lyon.

Please find enclosed other information.

Article 1 - Scope and field of application of the present general conditions: Any...
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