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AL-Habeebi International

Makbara IInd
244001 Moradabad

phone: 919808353930
fax: +91-591-2491926
AL-Habeebi International is an Emerging Export House engaged in Manufacturing of Finest quality Metal Funeral Urns since generatons and started it's Journey as small Manufacturing Steps and turned itself towards Death Care Industry almost two decades ago when No one even knew the Metal Made Funeral Urns and after Invented first Shape " Classic Shape " Presented it to the Funeral Industry Now since then we are Northern India's biggest Supplier of Cremation Urns in Various Shapes, Particular Finishes , Outstanding Styles & along with Newly Developed Designing Widest Range within Different Sizes and these all for Humans, Infants & Pets along with these matching Keepsakes. As addition for Death Care Products we offer complete range of Cremation Jewellery, Crucifix and as well as other Church & Religious supplies.
Products and services of our company:
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