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FUNERAIRE Paris 2007 - Summary
FUNERAIRE Paris 2007 - Summary
Press release – September 2007 FUNERAIRE 2007
Significant involvement of the funeral industry
Founded by the Chambre Syndicale Nationale de l’Art Funéraire (CSNAF), 20 years ago, the Funeral Exhibition will be held from 15 to 17 November 2007, in Paris-Le Bourget.
For its eleventh year, Funéraire 2007 once again reflects the whole industry, with excellent participation of players of all fields: from ceremony to remembrance, machines and equipment, materials, flowers, care and conservation, transport,services, burial contracts, professional organisations...
Funeral Exhibition 2007
95% of the Exhibition’s floor space has already been taken up, with notably representatives of the industry in France and an increasing international presence: Belgium, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic, etc. for Europe; Cameroon, China, Hungary, India, etc. for the international contingent. Funéraire is an international trade fair that exhibits the global offer of the funeral industry, in keeping with the international economic reality.

Debates and events
This year’s exhibition will also be the occasion to hold events and debates centred on the major current issues, with notably the participation of CPFM, Les Amis du Musée du Funéraire, Funéraire Magazine, Mémoire Nécropolitaine, etc.

Thursday, 15 November 2007 2 pm • Presentation of the results of the study, “The French and Burials”, undertaken for the CSNAF by CREDOC. Presentation given by Raphaël Berger and Fanette Recours of CREDOC Friday 16 November 2007 11 am
Friday, 16 November at 11.00 am • “Crematoriums, issues and outlook”. Roundtable conducted by Jean Neveu

The CPFM are organising an “information area regarding the funeral industry and the environment”, dealing with different environmental problems of the funeral industry (waste treatment, crematorium releases, biodegradability, etc.
4 pm • Networks: what are the opportunities offered by the funeral industry (franchises, organised commercial network, selfemployment)? Presentation proposed by Funéraire Magazine and given by Olivier Géhin, Chief Editor of Funéraire Magazine and Jean-Michel Illien of Franchise Management
3 pm • Burial contracts: Which ethics and competitive principles? Debate conducted by Olivier Géhin, Chief Editor of Funéraire Magazine

Visits of the Basilica of Saint Denis organised by LES AMIS DU MUSEE DU FUNERAIRE
. Thursday, 15 November at 2.30 pm and 4 pm
. Friday, 16 November at 10.30 am, 12 pm, 2.30 pm and 4 pm
. Saturday, 17 November at 10.30 am and 12 pm

Culture and Heritage
Photography exhibition, “Spiritualités Nécropolitaines” by André Chabot: funeral practices of different religions and of freethinking, presented by the association, la Mémoire Nécropolitaine.

Funéraire 2007 promises to be the unifying Exhibition of the industry; the ‘must’ event for professionals and visitors – French and European – for an international dynamic force.

For all press contacts

Virginie Taverne
06 63 13 95 30

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Funeral Home Facing License Revocation

PETERSBURG, W.Va - The West Virginia Board of Funeral Service Examiners held a hearing Wednesday in Charleston to determine if a Petersburg funeral home violated state code.
The complaint alleges that Basagic Funeral Home embalmed a body without permission in April.
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