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20.02.2024 - brass urns

Brass Cremation Urns by Artisan Creation Co: Discover the epitome of elegance and craftsmanship with our exquisite...
30.01.2024 - Pet Urn

30.01.2024 - Pet Urn


05.07.2013 - khusro

Funeral Home Facing License Revocation
Funeral Home Facing License Revocation

PETERSBURG, W.Va - The West Virginia Board of Funeral Service Examiners held a hearing Wednesday in Charleston to determine if a Petersburg funeral home violated state code.
The complaint alleges that Basagic Funeral Home embalmed a body without permission in April.
An administrative law judge will now review the case that was outlined to the board during a disciplinary hearing in a Kanawha County Commission courtroom, and most likely make a ruling sometime in June, said Constance Sloan, the executive director of the state board.
The case started on March 31 when the Grant County Medical Examiner requested that the funeral home remove the body of Joey McDonald for $50, pursuant to state code, according to the complaint.

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