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Stonemason Services

Company: JKP

Group: services

Construction – stonemason workshop of the Public Utility Company ''Pogrebne usluge'' makes and installs the engraving on the tombs of all types of different marbles and granite, makes sales and additional elements for arrangement of burial places (vases, candlesticks, icon lamps), stonecutting, engraving with the machine, and elements for the making and installation of ceramic pictures.

There is a possibility of payment in six equal instalments without interest.

We give a warranty of two years for all objects built in our workshop, with the possibility of contracting for them with the foreman in the construction – stone mason workshop:

New Cemetery, 50th Ruzveltova St.
011 20 71 308
Contracting services for the New Cemetery
Working hours from 07 to 15 hours

Central Cemetery, 47a th Zaplanjska St.
011 24 61 499, 011 20 70 402
Contracting services for Central and Banjica cemeteries
Working hours from 07 to 15 hours

Cemetery Lešće, Slanački put bb
011 27 82 286, 011 20 70 412,
011 20 83 253
Contracting services for Cemeteries Lešće and Zbeg
Working hours from 07 to 15 hours

Cemetery Orlovača, Ibarski put bb
011 35 48 691
Contracting services for Cemetery Orlovača done on Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Working hours from 07 to 15 hours

New Bežanija Cemetery, Gandijeva bb
011 21 64 942, 011 20 70 407,
011 21 78 942
Contracting services for Zemun cemetery and cemeteries New and Old Bežanija
Working hours from 07 to 15 hours

Topčider Cemetery, 6th Pionirska St.
011 35 54 744
Contracting services for Topčider Cemetery done on Tuesdays and Fridays
Working hours from 07 to 15 hours

# Average price of the marble headstone is 50.000,00 dinars.
# Average price of the granite headstone is 90.000,00 dinars.
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