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Placing an Urn

Company: JKP

Group: services

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A request for placing an urn may be exclusively submitted by the person who submitted the request for cremation of the remains.

If the family does not posses a place for placing an urn, it can lease a shelf for placing the urn in the columbarium or rosarium.

Columbarium is a wall with shelves which accommodates two urns.
Rosarium is a specially designed grass area with shelves which accommodate four urns.

If the family possesses the family shelf, grave or crypt, the holder of the right to use it or his closest relative may, together with the request for placing an urn, submit a statement and required documentation on kin relations with those who were previously buried and with the deceased whose urn has to be buried.

"Garden of memories" is a specially designated place at the New Cemetery where the ashes can be dispersed.

If the urn is to be transported outside of the city cemeteries, a certificate on the possession of the burial place where the urn is to be placed, which is issued by the competent institution in the city where the urn is taken, has to be enclosed.
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