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Obituary Samples
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You may have lost a loved one and are in need of prompt, personalized service to put together the right Obituary to remember your loved one. Just provide us with the necessary information, then leave the rest up to us. We will design and print your personalized obituary to suit your family’s needs.

Numerous styles are available.

Quantity 75 150 225 more than 225
Black/white printed only (unfolded/unstapled) $100.00 $164.50 $245.00 $.85 per page
Printed /folded/stapled $125.00 $210.00 $312.50 $.90 per page
Color printed only (unfolded/unstapled) $150.00 $250.00 $450.00 $.90 per page
Color printed /folded/stapled $175.00 $300.00 $500.00 $.97 per page

Binded - Additional Charges
Printing of Booklet (up to 4 pgs. 8.5 x 11) $141.75 $283.50 $425.00 $1.90 per book
Plastic clear front (additional) $18.75 $.25 ea. $.25 ea. $.23 ea.
Hard Back cover (additional) $56.25 $.75 ea. $.75 ea. $.73 ea.
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