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Mortuary Cosmetics product line

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The Mortuary Cosmetics product line has been manufactured since 1963 exclusively for the embalming trade. These products were developed by an undertaker, George Allemang, assisted by a chemist who worked extensively in the cosmetics and personal care products industry. George and his wife Patti ran this business for 36 years. They decided to sell this business and retire because of George's increasingly poor health. Hizone had been selling these high quality products to our customers since the very beginning, so it was an easy decision to make. We purchased the manufacturing rights and the existing product inventory in October 1999. We have now assumed complete responsibility for production.

These liquid gel cosmetics can be brushed on lightly to tint the skin, or can be applied thick enough to cover flaws, burns, and birthmarks. This make-up does not soak into the skin tissues, does not streak, but can be easily altered if desired.

There are five original colors. Their names are:

#1 - Blush (use for a rosy blushing tint for the cheeks),

#2 - Peach (the lightest flesh / biege shade),

#3 - Olive (a medium flesh / biege shade),

#4 - Sun-Tan (the darkest flesh / biege shade), and

#5 - Hilite (contains a slight violet tint) adds warm highlight tones to the lips.

Any of these colors can be blended together by the restorative artist to achieve custom cosmetic shades. The #6 - Brown-Tan has been added recently and is similar in color to milk chocolate. Other additional colors are now being developed to better assist the artist to custom blend shades. The new colors will be available during the First Quarter of 2003.

Both Glyde Shave Cream and the Pink Sealer Cream were developed with this series of cosmetics. Glyde Shave Cream is used for a close nick-free blade shaving process. The Pink Sealer Cream is a lightly tinted heavy concentrate which dries to seal the facial pores and provide a base for the cosmetics. Either Glyde (to lighten) or the Pink Sealer Cream (or a combination of both) can be mixed with any of these cosmetic makeups to achieve a custom shade.
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