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Memorial Garden Flower Cremation

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Memorial Garden Flower Cremation

Selection, Care and Feeding a Floramorial

It is important for you to understand that Floramorial exists in two parts.

1. The planting soil you receive is a life support system for whatever flora you choose to plant.

2. The flora you plant becomes a living memorial to commemorate the life of your departed loved one.

The following checklist will be useful to ensure your success with Floramorial.

* All plants need care and feeding in an environment favorable to plant vitality. In making your selection of plants, you must carefully consider the degree of care required and life span. There are "annuals" which must be replaced annually, and perennials, which live for several years, and long-lived trees, lawns and landscape plantings which require minimal care far into the future.

* There are options in which care and maintenance are provided by professional groundskeepers, e.g. parks, campuses, clubs, or other public places.

* If you are an experienced gardener or hobbyist, you can make informed decisions in choosing plant species and locations in which to grow them. If you do not have such experience, we urge you to seek counsel from professionals and to explore for guidance on the internet. Simply enter the term "gardening" or "trees" to reveal literally millions of sources of useful information.

* Scattering is a commonly used option for memorializing in a location which had special meaning in the life of your loved one. Floramorial provides the means to return cremation ash to the earth as an active participant in the ecosystem. Scattering the ash is like scattering stone. By first converting the ash to plant nutrient, it is made reactive with the earth, water, the atmosphere, and with vegetation wherever it is scattered. Once converted it remains permanently beneficial to the environment.
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