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International body transport

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# we work 24 hours
# we handle all the funeral formalities both at home and abroad
# we offer international transport of body and remains by auto hearse, air and sea
# we cooperate with Polish and foreign insurance agencies
# we take orders from funeral parlours, institutions, organizations and private people
# our representatives operate in several dozen countries all over the world
# our team is the fully qualified employees speaking English, German, French, Russian and Italian
# our present cars are 5 Mercedes Vito adapted for body transport and equipped with cooling engines

We porovide:
# full documentation and fulfilling sanitary and law requirements connected with type and way of
coffin transport
# choice and adjustment of coffins to binding regulations in countries such as Italy, France, Spain,
USA, Canada
# embalm services characteristic for countries with tropical climate
# conforming to religious customs of different denominations
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