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Identification capsule

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Product details: Eternus

Identification capsule Eternus, through the maintenance of the contained materials and data, grants the identification of the mortal remains for genetic, biologic and sentimental aim and for a minimum period of 100 years.
It is useful to identify the family ties, for researches regarding hereditary diseases, in order to conserve small personal objects of the deceased, sheltering them from the light and the atmospheric agents.
The capsule can be also used as memory, once given to the parents and friends with photos and small memories.
- 1 golden finish capsule: to leave to the family.
- 1 silver finish capsule : to put inside the coffin or inside the cinerary urn.

Technical references
The kit contains:
- 2 capsules equipped with closing tap
- 2 identification cards where the deceased�s data are indicated
- 2 plastic boxes where the deceased hair are contained
- 1 black rubber ring
- 2 cloth cases
- 4 numbered stickers for the capsules and cards identification

- in carton case (-CEAF120)
- in wood case (-CEAF121)
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