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Freezing system for bodies Ibernsalm

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Product details: Ibervision

IBERVISION is made on a frame of a galvanized steel section bar containing the refrigerating unit covered by a suitable insulation that is covered again with an external body in high density expanded polyurethane with two series of handles on each side.
The main block is anchored through the central column in aluminium that is adjustable in height and it's placed on a base equipped with wheels.

All this is the result of a careful and particular study allowing to obtain an efficient system to conserve a corpse with open coffin.
1) The core of the equipment is made up by an airy refrigeration system with a condensing unity equipped with a compressor of proportionate power.
2) The evaporating part is equipped with a special fan introducing cold air and distributing it directly on the corpse and it is easier thanks to the necessary use of the cloth hoses.
3) The functioning is run by a standard program that activates the defrosting stages through an already calibrated timer every 4-5 hours of functioning and for a period of time of about 12-15 minutes during which the equipment does not work;
in the meantime a resistance is activated and it fosters and speeds up the operation.
Once the operation has finished, it starts again automatically.
4) Water coming from the defrosting of from the possible condense produced during the normal functioning is collected in a steel little basin equipped with a resistance allowing the automatic evaporation during functioning.
Below the bodywork there is a tap that can be used for the total emptying of the collecting basin, to be made at the end of the service or to prepare the equipment for the transport with other means of transport in a different place.
5) The movement allowing the perfect lining up of the air outputs near the coffin is carried out through a lifting column that is activated by a precision electronic adjustment.
6) In the lower part there is a panel with digital display to the temperature control and a keyboard to adjust the height together with the general switch ON - OFF.
7) The normal movements from a place to another one and on plain surfaces is carried out thanks to strong rubber wheels anchored to a steel base and through comfortable handles that easy the push and the movement control.

IBERVISION it's the latest item in the refrigeration field for the funeral sector, result of the thirty year experience of CEABIS for a better conservation of the corpse already placed in the coffin.
With a series of innovative and functional structural solutions it assures single and very particular performances during the vigil and the observation with the open coffin.
The air is treated by a sophisticated refrigeration plant and is spread inside the coffin on the corpse sides through two cloth hoses, that, even with the most serious environmental conditions and with the application of a minimum covering of the coffin in the lower part (not exceeding 1/3 of the surface), reaches and maintains the temperature between -5 °C and -8 °C with the open coffin and the corpse quite completely accessible.

Together with its extraordinary thermic performances the vertical development of the machine reduces a lot the covering on the coffin allowing a quite completely vision of the corpse from every position.
A comfortable and precise lifting system allows to adapt the equipment to every coffin height ranging from 75 com to 95 cm to move it easily thanks the two rotating wheels that enrich and complete this extremely versatile equipment that can be used for every type of service both in common houses or in funeral ones.

Length: cm 86
Width: cm 60
Maximum height: cm 116
Minimum height: cm 96
Weight: kg 58,8

-CEAIB60 - Ibervision

-CEAIB61 - Cover
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