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Company: ECO Coffins

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In a nutshell, our coffins and caskets are beautifully crafted from solid pine wood, which is sourced from sustainable forests; the forests are managed along the guidelines approved by the Forest Stewardship Council [similar to the Fair Trade ethos].

The coffins are sanded to a cabinet finish, which brings out the natural wood colour. No plastic or metal whatsoever is used in the manufacturing process or left in the assembled product; no stains, varnishes, oils, or animal products of any kind are used. Functional rope handles are supplied.

Unlike the highly toxic glue used in chipboard coffins, our coffins are manufactured with biodegradable, non-toxic glue; this makes both burial and cremation more environmentally friendly.

For ease of storage, particularly for those planning their own funeral, they are supplied in easy-to-assemble flat-pack form. The components are shrink-wrapped in biodegradable plastic for damp proofing and placed in a strong corrugated cardboard box in order to withstand rough handling; the boxes are only 3 inches [8cm] high and can be stacked 20 high without any risk of damage.

The flat-packs are extremely easy to assemble and can be done in a matter of minutes. No woodworking or diy expertise or tools, other than a screwdriver, are required. Easy to follow pictorial assembly instructions are supplied with every coffin and digital images showing the assembly process can also be viewed by clicking the "Assembly Information" link below.



Imperial: 5' 8" x 20" 6' 0" x 22"

6' 4" x 24"

o Metric (cm): 173 x 51 185 x 56
195 x 61

Please note that the rectangular casket shape coffin is no longer available in the UK. These caskets, which are approved by the Green Burial Council, are now air-freighted directly from our partners in the USA; we invite you to browse the US website by clicking on the following hyperlink which will transfer you Woodland caskets in the USA
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