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Coffin hardware in cast metal

The cast metal coffin hardware shown here is the best advertisement for our range of products.
The handles are cast to comply with DIN EN ISO 9002 certification and great care is given to refining their surface.
A high proportion of manual work, great attention to detail and high-quality craftmanship are apparent on these handles, which also meet all requirements on safety and stability.
We are in a position to react flexibly and fulfil special wishes, no matter whether they relate to the shape, the shade or to other features.

twaylen® Coffin Hardware

twaylen® stands for a unique material composition which comprises a high proportion of wood dust as well as the customary plastic.
As a result, we guarantee environmentally safer coffin hardware together with all the properties one associates with a comparable fitting made of pure synthetics.
The stability is additionally assured by a wire inlay which has proven itself as an extremely safe and dependable product solution.

Coffin Hardware, plastics

All plastic hardware made by
Gustav Michel GmbH & Co. and all handle fittings made of twaylen® are reinforced with a metal wire core. This wire insert ensures that the handles will withstand extreme strain and meet all requirements relating to strength and safety.
You can be sure of optimal, lasting product quality as a result of outstanding craftsmanship and machine work combined with state-of-the-art technology.

Handles in Wood and Composite Materials

The composite hardware made of wood and metal illustrated here represents a particularly successful combination of different materials.
The attractive yet sensitive design adapts perfectly to the wooden casket.
Due to the high proportion of natural materials the handles and coffin merge perfectly into one unit.

Ring handles

Our range of ring handles with matching
lid handles offers extensive versatility.
Varying demands on design - both traditional and modern - are taken into account with this diversity
of models.

Handle Bars

The trend is towards a contemporary appearance of the coffin / handle bar combination.
Thanks in particular to the offset parallel lines of the coffin edges and the handle bars the casket is perceived as a well thought-out integral concept, conveying a sense of unity and fluent adherence to style.

The circular shape of these ring handles gives the casket individuality and harmony.

Handles for Children's Coffins / Handles especially for Export

Our handle fittings for children's caskets impress with their sensuous contours and appropriate dimensions. There is a choice of swivel and static models.
The unmistakable design of our export handles is highly valued by both national and international clientele, making them benchmark models in their product segment.

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