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Ceramic Cremation Urns

Company: TPartners

Group: products

Ceramic Cremation Urns
Our ceramic cremation urns are exclusively made in Poland.
Our shapes, colours or motives are usually taken from the nature.
First, special selected ingredients are mixed in order to receive ceramic mass.
Next, cremation urns shapes are created from ceramic mass.
This step is very important because all details must be prepared very precisely.
Another part of manufacturing involves enamelling process.
Ceramic urns are covered with different colours of enamel so we could receive eye-catching, colourful cremation urns collection.
Into some of cremation urns models ceramic heart or ceramic flame symbols are attached.
During enamelling process of cremation urns, enamel is put onto ceramic heart or flame symbols.
After that enamelled symbol is fully covered with real platinum, which is also known as platinum ceramic paint. Layer of platinum is very thin, but very enduring.
It is all because platinum is burned into ceramic symbol.

Cremation Urn P401S
Capacity: 4,2 L
height- 27 cm
width- 21 cm

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