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Virtue Hardware Co., Ltd

22B-411,Xingyuan Industry Park, Liushan street 10th, Yanjiao District, East of Beijing
101601 Beijing

phone: +86-10-61590605
fax: +86-316-8662346
Virtue Hardware Co., Ltd is one of good manufacturers in funeral products in China, we are dedicated in coffin handle, coffin ornament, cross and crucifix, name plate casket arm, swing bar and all kinds hardware which are of related coffin and casket.

We have more than ten years’ experience, the products were exported Europe, Africa, South American.

Our main products is made of zamac (zinc alloy), which produced by die casting, then by polished and electronic plating, it will can plated to Gold (GP), Nickel (NP), Antique Brass (AB), Antique copper (AC) and so on. This kinds of product are high level product for the funeral products.

Meanwhile, we also produce the article by plastic material such as PP, ABS or recycle material, it will be more economic for the cremation. By injection machine, it will be form the shape as the mould, then we will make the vacuum metallization and color coating, it will be finish the gold, silver or copper color. Some ABS products can also be plated into antique brass or antique copper.

Except above item, we also have an ability to produce some article by steel, stainless steel (304# or 316#) or aluminum alloy.

At present, We have follow list of mould for the production.

1, Metal handle: 71

2, Metal cross and crucifix: 12

3, Metal fitting and hardware: 30

4, Plastic handle: 36

5, Plastic decoration: 47

6, Casket corner and swing bar: 40

Others item such as urn, lower device and so on.
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