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Ultimatus International Co., Ltd. Taiwan Factory

PO Box 21-79
Taichung 412 Da Li City

phone: 00886 4 23391787
fax: 00886 4 23393759
Ultimatus International is a strong family business operating since 1986. We have factory based in Taiwan and business corresponding office based in Melbourne Australia:

Ultimatus International Jill Sung PO Box 2374 , Kew Victoria 3101 Australia
Tel: +61 3 98528133
Fax: +61 3 98527712

Our new product has been recently granted Taiwan 's Patent and pending in many other countries.

The patented products are using innovated materials and applying unique technology to produce these timeless Eternity Series.

Unlike the traditional products, our Eternity Series are not only beautifully presented, they are also durable and low maintaince. They are patented for their literally indestructible features, they are fire, water, shock and earthquake proof. Furthermore, they are also air tided with secure sealant mechanism with stainless insert to protect the precious remains of the loves' one.

We also custom made for your company/organization, we can manufacture many shapes and sizes with choice of colors and finishes of your requirements, i.e., granite, marble, wood, gold, jade and pearl etc.

Exclusive agency are wanted at your regions, please contact us for any inquiries.

Products and services of our company:
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