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RC Funeral Director and Special Services

143 B Antonio Arnaiz Avenue
1300 Pasay City

phone: +63 02 8440442
fax: +63 02 8440442
Rogelio “Roger” Cerdeña (RC) was only 15 years old when he started out as a member of the ranks of Rizal Funeral Home s in Pasay City in 1965. Eventually, RC became among its funeral directors, before venturing on his own as a Funeral Service Organizer in the mid-1980s under the name and style of RC Funeral Director Special Services.

Since then, RC handled the funeral service organization requirements, including repatriation of remains or ashes, of foreign nationals through the requests and authority of various embassies. Exceeding the stringent expectations, RC earned the trust and confidence of different embassies through the years.

Services include:

Funeral Services
- Pickup of remains
- Documentations
- Embalming and other preparations
- Casket Selection
- Delivery
- Viewing Arrangement
- Funeral Ceremony
- Pre-Interment or Cremation Ceremony
- Interment / Cremation

Special Services
- Exhumation
- International and Domestic
Repatriation of Human Remains

Funeral Transportation Services
- Pickup of remains
- Delivery of Casketed Remains
- Delivery of viewing equipment]
(for outside viewing).
- Retrieval of viewing equipment
- Floral Car
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