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Marseille Sp. z o.o.

Podłęska 17
32 - 005 Niepołomice

phone: 0048 12 281 40 00
fax: 0048 12 281 40 21
Marseille is a limited liability company with its head office in Niepolomice (near Kraków) which has been producting and transforming plastics for 15 years. During this period Marseille gained experience which allows to function and look ahead with no fear.

Employment: 200 people.
Yearly output of plastics: c.a. 5000 tons.
Area: 5,5 ha.
Technical Backroom:

* 20 injection moulding machines (maximum clamping force – 650 tons),
* 14 siloses for plastic homogenization,
* 5 re-granulating lines with plant capacity of about 1500 kg per hour,
* 3 rotomoulding machines,
* tool-house,
* factory lab,
* 3000 m2 of warehouse surface,
* own transport.

We offer our services in:

* injection moulding (raw materials, desing and mould making, production, packaging, transport),
* rotomoulding production (raw materials, desing and mould making, production, packaging, transport),
* plastics extrusion moulding, colouring and compounding with mineral fillers,
* recycling (we buy plastic waste, crumbs, regrind etc.).

We would like to make you interesting in co-operation with us because:

* we are the leader in rotomoulding technology, and as the only in Europe we can offer a full service ranging from the design phase through mould and raw material preparation to production, assemblage packaging and delivery phase,
* we also have big potential in injection moulding production: from mould making in our own tool-house, through preparing required materials, to final goods production,
* we offer our fully professional services in a wide range of transforming plastics (extrusion, recycling, compounding, injection, rotomoulding),
* we are open for new ideas and we can help in initiating the production of new articles,
* we have got a big storage capacity,
* we can delivery ordered products to any place in Europe.

Very important for prospect partners is that we are able to manage the whole process: from design to production phase in one place which guarantees full control and confidentiality in the process.
Products and services of our company:
funeral services, coffins, urns, hearse, creamation oprogramowanie dla firm oprogramowanie dla biznesu