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Sant Vicent, 16
03801 Alcoi

phone: 965548496
fax: 965547217

LIMBO was created by a group of young designers and architects who wanted to take part in the construction and improvement of a new funeral world. Having sought advice and made strong contacts with other professional in this area, Limbo is now able to share this knowledge. Today we have to take into account the important need to preserve the environment. The price of land is rising and cremation is on the increase, therefore old values will need to be substituted for new ones. There is a real need for change in the funeral world. The need of a new vision to compliment our current way of life and a new morality is starting to become a reality. Morality could be described as a group of habits, some of them based on values and others based on needs. If current models are transformed when new values are introduced, it follows that the objects, rituals and venues also need transformation. Our project, therefore, has the goal to be a natural meeting point between innovation and the funeral market.

Limbo believes that, through its project, it can provide exemplary services and solutions to make the personal attention that is required during difficult and emotional moments, easier, in a caring and respectful manner. We want to make the attention provided in funeral houses more human and special which means we also provide a very personalised service to the companies and enterprises involved so that we can meet their needs too. This is why everyone at LIMBO, in addition to being well qualified professionals in other areas, have a common commitment to developping improvements in the funeral sector.
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