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KOMES, spol. s r.o.

Chlumova 19
130 00 Praha 3
Czech Republic

phone: +420 222 782 079
fax: +420 222 780 777
The family Menoušek have been restituted a building in Chlumova Street in Pregue - Žižkov, where their grandfather and father had a thriving joinery. In 1992 they started look for the decision what to do with the returned property.

On the ground floor and the building extension there was large workshop area, of the original equipment of the joinery there was nothing left.

They asked their friends for some advice and one of them, the Architect Kopecký came with an idea to make ecological coffins. He came to see paper mills, where he discovered five layers paperboard This paperboard featured with good parameters of strength, loading capacity and resistance to mechanical damage. He even contacted a prestigious specialist professor Skalicky from the College of Chemical Technology in Pardubice.

Mr. Kopecky represents the third generation of building architects and project of coffins seemed to be easy. After a short time he presented his final project to the future companions. As it was a remarkable invention he had it patented in 1993, what strengthened the commercial value of the future production.

Then the time arrived for the other companions. Preceeding occupants of the building left the house and workshop in bad conditions. The Menousek's started with building reconstruction and re-opening the workshop. Finally they commenced coffins manufacturing. At this time Mr. Josef Menoušek already made the rounds of funeral services in the whole country and acquired the customers.

At first sight everything seemed to be easy. This new product is made of recycled material, i.e. environment friendly, meeting all technical requirements of the Czech Standard. The weight is 10 to 11 kg in comparison with 30 to 40 kg of wooden coffins, surface finishing is indistinguishable from classic coffins. Nevertheless, conservatism rooted in death and the life to come resisted the change. The bereaved family can not imagine they would bury their predecessors, who bequeathed them the piece of land, in a paper coffin. They would expect rather divine retribution and slander than being appreciated for environment friendly behavior leading to saving of 40 hectares of woods per year in the Czech Republic and, of course, lower price of the coffin.

According to companions the change of peoples mind will last a long time. We would like to provide our paper coffins to socially weak customers who want nice looking and cheap coffin. It is clear that people prefer wooden cradle to coffin, which is after all used only once.

We make a new environmental friendly product, which will certainly find its place on the market due to its indisputable quality and professional manufacture.
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