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IFZW Zwickau GmbH

Kopernikusstraße 53
08058 Zwickau

phone: 0049/ 375/ 277 67-0
fax: 0049/ 375/ 277 67-22
The IFZW Company, which has been engaged in the construction, distribution and assembly of technical incinerators since the early 1930s, makes great demands on its own work.

After the privatisation in 1992, the company was able to continue to employ all members of staff; in the meantime, the staff have even been extended to 35, a fact that is mentioned with some pride at IFZW.

With an opening ceremony on September 12th 1997, the new building of the internationally active company IFZW Zwickau was inaugurated. The company has made a name for itself with complete constructions in the field of combustion technology.

"High Quality made in Zwickau", this is the promising slogan of IFZW (Industrieofen- und Feuerfestbau Zwickau GmbH). "With this slogan, we want to express self-confidence as well as self-awareness", says Mr. Dieter Zahn from Westphalia, who has been the company’s Managing Director for the last years. "First, our production centre certainly need not fear comparison and secondly, we would like to emphasise that our region manufactures and offers top-quality products and services."

"The classical craft of refractory assembly today is of course complemented by modern top-technology as a further focal point, e.g. the fully automatic computer control of our incinerators (PLC-technology), as well as a wide range of services from engineering and consulting, construction and assembly to the long-term maintenance of the units", says Mr. Zahn.
"The term identification with this region is not just a hollow phrase for us", says Mr. Zahn. "Rather, with the construction of our new administration building and production site here in Zwickau, we want to demonstrate our confidence in the real potential for development that lies in the region of South-West Saxony."

The IFZW sees a potential for development particularly in a Europe that is growing together and, resulting from that, the introduction of new emission limits for industrial incinerators but also communal crematories. In Eastern Europe and Russia in particular, new markets are emerging, which one aims to meet with German know-how. IFZW has also been successful in developing initial contacts with South America.

So it may be hoped that IFZW will have a successful future. Its slogan "High Quality made in Zwickau" might even become a motto for the whole region.
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