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HQ Stone Co., Ltd

Lu Jiang, 23D, Haiguang Building
361001 Xiamen

phone: +86-592-2196521
fax: +86-592-2196929
As an experienced manufacturer and exporter of monuments in China, we own professional headstone factories in Fujian and Shanxi provinces. A great variety of domestic and imported stone from quarries of China, India, Africa, Turkey and Brazil is available for the monuments. Our production with top quality and competitive price is well-known in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries.

1967 – Our President & Founder Mr. Li Shunxing started his first quarry.
1988 – We had 8 quarries and 32 transport vehicles.
1993 – Mr. Li Shunxing built a factory in Quanzhou Stone Industry Zone that specializes in producing products from a great variety of stone (from Chinese and foreign quarries).
2001 – In order to provide our customers with more comprehensive services, Mr. Li Shunxing established Xiamen Hengquan Co., Ltd. Through his efforts, we won a lot of orders from USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries.
2003 – Our company joined MBNA (Monument Builders of North America)
2005 – Another factory was built in Hunyuan Stone Industry Zone in Shanxi Province which specializes in producing Shanxi Black granite.
2006 – Mr. Li Jianquan (David Li), Mr. Li Shunxing's son, took over the company. He has been in stone business for more than 23 years, working in the quarry since he was 17 years old.
2008 – The company was renamed Xiamen HQ Stone Co., Ltd.
Present – Our company owns several quarries, two factories and our staff adds up to 168.

We have been honing our stone crafting skills for more than 40 years. Our goal, as a team, is to exceed customers' expectations by creating unique products utilizing each member's personal strengths, skills and imagination. Owing to vast experience in the stone trade, we continue to research and adopt new techniques to provide excellent services to our customers.
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