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Heritage Urns & Accessories

7405 Memphis Ave.
44144 Cleveland, OH

phone: 001 (216) 472-0990
fax: 001 (216) 351-6864
We are one of the country's leading suppliers of cremation urns manufactured of cloisonné, ceramic, marble and other natural stones, bronze and a variety of other quality materials.

Our quality cremation urns are manufactured in a variety of colors and sizes that can be utilized by funeral homes, cemeteries, crematories, pet cemeteries and pet crematories.

From time to time we run closeout specials on overstocks and seconds at substantial discounts. In order to receive updates and take advantage of these offers as they become available, please click here and complete the information on the form.

The Cloisonné Cremation Urns are handcrafted by Chinese artisans carrying on a centuries-old tradition. Examples of this art are in many museums and private collections, and therefore speaks to their longevity and attraction. Many of the cloisonné cremation urns come with carved wood bases.
The Ceramic Cremation Urns are also handmade in China in many different shapes. Each cremation urn is hand-painted and fired, and is unique. These ceramic cremation urns range in color from elegant white to multi-colored with flowers birds and butterflies.

The materials utilized in the Natural Stone Cremation Urns are quarried rock which come from many locations worldwide. Some of the marbles and their colors are quite uncommon. Granite, diabase, diorite, gabbro, basalt, and soapstone are represented. All are millions of years old, having the qualities of durability and permanence.
The Wood Cremation Urns are crafted by hand from various types of hardwoods and hand-finished in rosewood, mahogany, walnut or oak with satin or gloss finishes. Many wood cremation urns include pewter inserts or engravable plaques.

The Bronze Cremation Urns represent a collection of classic shapes together with innovative designs that capture the range of human experience. Adult, intermediate, infant and keepsake sizes are available.
The Toleware Cremation Urns are designed to serve as temporary receptacles until permanent cremation urns are obtained. Manufactured of lightweight with oil based metal and hand painted with decorative designs.
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