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Gustav Michel GmbH & Co.

Baarstr. 214
58636 Iserlohn

phone: +49 (0)2371 / 4911
fax: +49 (0)2371 / 45603
Gustav Michel GmbH & Co.
Iron Foundry and Plastics Processing

Our Company:
Gustav Michel GmbH & Co. was established in Ihmert in 1907.
The company quickly became a prospering metal goods factory, initiating an almost 100 year old process of specialization.
After a change of factory address in the early 30's, the lovely wood-surrounded town of Iserlohn became our corporate headquarters and production location.
Situated here between the Ruhr industrial region and the Sauerland, our company has developed into one of the most successful producers of coffin hardware and coffin accessories made of cast iron and plastic. Our products constitute true "Made in Germany " quality.
As a result of a high degree of specialization combined with a unique range of products, we have been the leading manufacturers of coffin hardware for many years, and the number of our regular customers in Germany and abroad continues to increase.

As suppliers to undertakers and the funeral branch we have recognized our specific responsibility and have made product quality and dependability the main focus of our attention in all our considerations. Stability and the fine details of our product design also enjoy a high rate of prioritization, a factor which has never altered, despite the changing market situation.
Our reputation as a reliable and exceptionally committed partner is of great significance to us. It is one of our chief concerns to utilize our competence for ensuring that our customers attain longterm benefits.
Our contact to customers and suppliers is based on dependable, lasting and performance-linked business relationships. Flexibility and our future-orientated objective to provide innovation emphasize our corporate policy and make us what we are today:

The Number 1 in the market !

This guiding principle has remained unchanged throughout three generations of our family business. And we will maintain our hold on the market in the future, too, as a result of quality and dependability.

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