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Guardian Grave Care

3 Leigh Court Barns
WR6 5LB Worcester

phone: 01886 830101
fax: 01886 833747
New income opportunity for Funeral Directors
Worcester UK, 14 April 2009
A new grave tending service has launched, with a unique opportunity for Funeral Directors to increase their own income. Headquartered in rural Worcestershire, Guardian GraveCare have a team of professional grave carers covering the length and breadth of the country.
David Taylor, Managing Director, said: ‘’We recognise that there are many reasons why a family may want to leave the maintenance of the final resting place of their loved ones to a professional company.
The family may have emigrated, or moved away. Alternatively, they may be finding it difficult to manage the work, or simply find visiting too emotional. This means that too often graves become untidy, with memorials getting dirty and in some cases, even damaged.’’
He went on to say: ‘’In researching the business concept, we have already spoken to a number of funeral directors many of whom are excited about the opportunity to promote this service in their funeral homes and/or on their websites. For very little commitment, it is a chance to generate an additional, steady income stream of up to £175 for every plan arranged, at a time when profits are hard to come by. Now we are established, we’d welcome enquiries from other interested funeral directors.’’
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