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Narwik 10
01-471 Warsaw

phone: +48 (22) 207-25-68
fax: +48 (22) 207-25-69
FUNERO is a supplement to the missing link on the Polish funeral market. We fill the niche between large reputed producers and major Funeral Parlours and Houses.
Our mission is: “Providing Customers with high quality coffins at a very attractive price”
Following market analysis and Customers’ expectations we have specialized in providing coffins for burial and cremation maintaining low prices and the high quality of goods at the same time.
Imitating Western patterns we have given our Customers a unique opportunity to obtain, in a very short time, large quantities of coffins at stable and attractive prices.
Thanks to hard and solid work as well as placed confidence in us, we work with larger and larger body of Clients. Our Customers are mainly large and medium-sized Funeral Parlours, Houses and Crematories from Polish region and fromEastern Europe.
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