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Funeral Supply & Equipment, LLC.

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phone: 001 276-692-2222
fax: 001 866-334-4632
In today's Death Care industry funeral homes are faced with increased regulations, flat business growth, and falling profits. Turning around the downward trend takes more than fancy advertising and marketing gimmicks. With the new generation of consumers now making the purchasing decisions, the baby-boomers are much more price oriented and alternative option driven. That’s why Funeral Supply & Equipment, LLC. (FSE) has assembled a line of products that offers selections for both traditional and modern casket customers.
We know that with our wholesale pricing and highly marketable caskets, you will find increased profits and sales while saving thousands in costs.

FSE delivers the best value on caskets in the US market and we challenge you to experience the difference our caskets will make in your business and profits.
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