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Falah International

Bara Shah Safa, Lal Masjid Road
244001 Moradabad

phone: +91 (0)591 2310583
fax: +91 (0)591 2310584

With its main office located in the Metal Handicraft capital of the world, Moradabad, FALAH INTERNATIONAL is a company involved in manufacturing and supplying the quality hand crafted merchandize to international markets.


The roots of FALAH INTERNATIONAL date back to 1980, when MOON BRASS EXPORTS, a partnership firm, was established MOON BRASS EXPORTS was a prominent name in Domestic & International Handicrafts Markets. For over 2 & half decades, MOON BRASS EXPORTS continued its operation but was dissolved in 2000’s as the partners decided to part their ways. As a result, two new concerns were born, one of which was FALAH INTERNATIONAL and it took over the role to cater to the needs of the International Market.


Over the years, FALAH INTERNATIONAL has accumulated a vast range of different products but it was thought a necessity to concentrate the focus only on the products where we could show our creativity and hence it was mutually agreed to gratify to the memories of loved ones but with a difference in approach and presentation. FALAH INTERNATIONAL chose to specialize in CREMATION PRODUCTS like HUMAN URNS, PET URNS, KEEPSAKE URNS, TOKEN SHARING URNS, MINIATURE URNS, HEART KEEPSAKE URNS, CUBICAL URNS, BIO DEGRADEABLE URNS etc.


FALAH INTERNATIONAL was established in the year 2008 and thereafter has captured the eyes of many stalwarts of the industry. FALAH INTERNATIONAL is now a well established name in the funeral industry of the world. With its dedicated and talented team, FALAH INTERNATIONAL has been able to establish itself well in a very short span of time.


Currently FALAH INTERNATIONAL is supplying its products to some of the biggest importers of the world. Our main customers are the based in North America, European Union, UK & Australia. With its exclusive product range, ability to meet the buyer’s deadlines, unmatched quality and an innovative attitude, FALAH INTERNATIONAL has truly established itself with the titans of the industry.


FALAH INTERNATIONAL provides the OEM Services and hence is able to get the products customized as per the needs of clients. Having our own manufacturing unit helps us to bring the imaginations of our clients to life in just a few days. Any idea, no matter how complicated, can be worked upon and if it is possible it will be done.
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