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Ethel Maid - Burial Dresses Suits "Finest in Funeral Fashions"

202 East Liberty P.O. Box 211
17972 Schuylkill Haven, PA

phone: 001 570.385.2721
fax: 001 570.385.5411
Ethel Maid, Inc. was founded by Ethel Coryell in 1931. She started by making burial blankets for a local casket company.

In the late 1930's Ethel started manufacturing and selling burial dresses. Ethel Maid was incorporated in 1947 and moved to its present address at 202 East Liberty St., Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972.

Ethel Maid currently employs 48 talented seamstresses with an average length of service to Ethel Maid of 22 years. Ethel Maid also has 25 independent sales representatives throughout the United States who are diligent, honest, and caring our simple message of Quality, Service, Dignity and Compassion to the marketplace.

Ethel Maid is proud to present over 1600 dress styles and dozens of mens' suit styles in fabrics by the hundreds. In addition, we also manufacture a full line of accessories, underwear, and slippers.

Ethel Maid garments are made to offer and can be deliverd anywhere in the country within 24 hours.

Ethel Maid specializes in custom made garments in any size, color, or fabric.

Ethel Maid is very proud of our 74 plus years of service to the Funeral Industry and their families. Our commitment is strong and our pride unwavering. Our future goal is to continue doing what we have been doing since 1931.

Burial garments are an important option for families when making arrangements for a loved one. WHY?
Often times the grief of losing a loved one makes the thought of selecting a dress or suit from their closet uncomfortable.
Weight loss or weight gain often occurs due to illness or medications and existing clothing no longer fits.
If an individual has been in a nursing home, their personal items often times go to the way side.
Simply to purchase something new and special for a loved one.

The benefits of Ethel Maid burial garments to the funeral home and the family are many. Among them are:
Our burial garments are designed with high necklines and long sleeves. In so doing, body blemishes from illness are not visible.
The sleeves in our burial dresses and suits are longer than the sleeves on street clothing. This allows for the cuffs of the garment to fall exactly at the wrist when the arms are extended in a forward position.
Ethel Maid burial garments are available in hundreds of fabrics and colors to coordinate beautifully with your choice of casket interiors.

Ethel Maid has been manufacturing burial garments since 1931. We have hundreds of dress styles and colors available, dozens of mens' suit styles and fabrics, and a full line of underwear and accessories for both men and women. Ethel Maid manufactures every dress and suit to order and delivers nationwide to funeral homes in 24 hours for immediate need, or 5 to 10 days to replace stock. Ethel Maid is about dignity and attention to detail and quality. Our goal is to make a families final memory of a loved one - a special memory.
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