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Emergency Preparedness Service

309 South Cloverdale Suite B-10
98108 Seattle, WA

phone: 001 206-762-0889
fax: 001 206-762-1040
We are a small family owned business employing family members, neighbors and friends who enjoy helping others better prepare for whatever the world throws our way.

"Don't Fool Yourself In a disaster the only one you can depend on is yourself"

Our focus has always been the balance between items that work and are needed verses cost and reliability.
We recognize no one wants to spend money on something you hope you never have to use!
We expect you to use certain items as time goes along, it's raining, use your poncho etc. that's why we offer replacements of items found in our kits.

Maybe you want to build your own, that's ok to, just pick the items you need. We also offer refill kits, plan zip top bag with major components so when items expire you don't need a new bag, just the ingredients. We are just average working class people having to make ends meet just like most of us. We now the value of a dollar.

Always begin with a plan, "What would you do if ?" Visit our page of links. Links that lead to more links and get yourself educated on what to expect. Remember someday the person that you need to help may just be yourself !
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