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05-082 SRARE BABICE, ZIELONKI (Warsaw) Poland

phone: +48 22 752-92 68
fax: +48 22 752-92 68
Our presence on the market is dated to the year 2004. We aimed at providing a
complete offer of ecological and environmentally-friendly cardboard coffins for
cremations. The period of time spent on meeting hard restrictions for our
products has been very arduous.
The main objective which we have taken is fulfilling all requirements of our
Clients. Top quality materials used in our products, new solutions given by our
specialists, easiness of assembling process: all those factors make us set the
standards for others.
The offer of Eko-Ben Sp. z o.o. is competitive due to both our prices and our
quality. We are as much sure of our future as we are proud of our short, but
arduous, the past. We believe that constant development of our services and
goods will help us earn your trust. Our doors are always open to our Clients in
the same way as our minds are open to all innovative ideas, which can result in
mutual success.
We kindly invite you to work with us. Please visit our website and find
attached price list with basic info.

Best regards,
Marcin Malczewski, Chairman
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