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Classy Candles

PO Box 770
Penrith BC NSW 2751

Classy Candles is a family owned and operated web based business. Our candles are handmade and we have carefully chosen these handmade candles as they are moulded with time and care and each candle is unique. Our designs, which include Personalised Baptism or Christening Candles, Naming Ceremony Candles, Wedding Candles and Funeral and Memorial Candles, have been carefully selected to reflect the symbols of each sacrament. For Personalised Baptism Candles, the white candle represents the white garment we are clothed in when we are baptised, the cross is a christian symbol and the water is a sign of new life. For Personalised Marriage Candles, we have chosen a cross, which again is a christian symbol and the rings are a sign of unity. Our Personalised memorial candles are graceful, simple and elegant and may be lit from the Paschal candle during a church service, or during a civil ceremony. The family can then take the candle away and light it and remember their loved one. Each candle is completed with an organza bag for storage.

Our Personalised Baptism and Christening Candles, Wedding Candles, Naming Ceremony Candles and Memorial Candles may be purchased securely on line. Ordering is simple – just click on the order online link on your favourite candles details page and away you go! We hope you enjoy our website and we wish you the very best for your special occasion
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