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Candle Enterprises, Inc.

19974 129th Ave.
MN 56470 Park Rapids

phone: 001 1-800-422-6353
fax: 001 1-218-732-1344
ABOUT US. We’ve been making candles for 36 years! I started in Green Bay, WI in 1970, making a wedding candle for my brother. It took six years to get my “hobby” out of the basement, but we now ship nationwide.

What makes us unique
We don’t make plain tapers and plain pillars. Rather, we’re known for our unique looks and rich scents, providing candles for every occasion in life. We only make special candles: wonderfully scented soy candles, embedded botannicals, fabulous yummy gourmet “cakes”, "Scents of the Forest", greeting card candles, emergency and travel candles--and one of the largest selection of unity candles in this country. We also personalize candles, and private label as well.

OUR STORE IN PARK RAPIDS, MN. In 1998 we built an 18,000 square foot factory in Minnesota, with a huge retail store attached to it. If you’re ever in Park Rapids, stop in to say hi! We’ve brought in candles from other candlemakers from all over the world, and have one of the most awesome candle shops you’ll ever see. We also do free TOURS of the factory for groups of ten or more.
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