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Brian's Fine Woodworking & Design

P.O. 1486 Minnedosa, MB

phone: 001 204-867-5448
fax: 001 204-867-5448
Handcrafted Wooden Urns is a custom order business, with each urn made to your exact specifications and requirements. However, if you choose to order any of the display styles we will be happy to accomodate you.

Your urn can be made of oak, pine, mahogany or cherry. We can incorporate any type of plaque you wish.

Call or email us, and together we can create the urn you desire. Brian Stone, our craftsman will help design your urn using your own drawings, pictures and ideas. Together, you will create your own unique urn.

We will give you a quote including a small shipping and handling fee if you desire to purchase an urn.
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