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36 rue Oberlin

phone: +33388369245
fax: +33359087770
BIOWIND is one of the leading french company involved in air purification and collaborate with two research laboratories belonging to the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

BIOWIND will develop and propose a large range of equipment for elimination of odours, regardless of the volume of air to be treated, and without use of chemical products. Unlike previous solutions for this problem, photocatalytic systems neither trap nor mask compounds responsible for offensive odours, but destroy them.

Every system sold by BIOWIND is guaranteed to operate with optimal efficiency with minimal operating expenses, and with maintenance costs that are no greater than those for competing systems.

For treatment of small volumes of air, available purification systems are principally in the form of mobile devices, ceiling devices or wall-mounted equipment.

BIOWIND can also develop “made to order” equipment that permit treatment of larger volumes of air.
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